Air Conditioning Car Service


We provide air conditioning car services to all makes & models, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, VW/Volkswagen and Volvo.

At Randalls, we specialize in ALL car services - including servicing your European car's air conditioning system. 

The process we undertake to service your car's air conditioning involves completely removing the air conditioning system, in order to be able to replace and/or recover the old gas. After performing a complete system assessment, the new gas and oil is installed - and once again, a complete system assessment is performed.

At Randalls, we ensure your air conditioning system is constantly being inspected and assessed to avoid any pressures or leaks that could be damaging to the air conditioning body.


Please Note

If your car is an earlier model, the air conditioning body most likely uses a refrigerant called R12. This R12 refrigerant contains fluorocarbons / CFC's and it is important to operate the air conditioner for up to 5 minutes each week to prevent the system seals from drying out and leaking this non environmentally-friendly substance into the atmosphere.
If your car is a later model, then you're in luck - as newer models use a CFC free refrigerant known as R134a, which is far less damaging to the environment.

At Randalls, we strongly suggest to regularly service your car air conditioner. This helps ensure that your air conditioner system is running efficiently without releasing threatening substances into the environment.

Randalls will gladly service you car air conditioner, as well as re-gas the system. We can also provide you with any advice you may need about car air conditioning.

Feel free to contact us today on 02 9427 0866 to discuss any inquiries about our car service and car air conditioning service. 

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