Lane Cove Mechanic 

Randalls is your local 'one-stop-shop' within the village of Lane Cove. We look after the maintenance of your car with the ease of having the Lane Cove plaza across the road. Pop in and have a chat so we can make sure everything in your car can be running smoothly. 




Randalls has a number of diagnostic analysis machines capable of finding the faults affecting the optimum performance of your vehicle.


The problems are then rectified by one of our extremely efficient technician.


Part of all our services is to check the safety of your vehicle &

One of the major components for your safety is your braking system.





Any evidence of oil leaks & coolant leaks should be attended to as they may lead to major engine damage. 


From minor oil changes to major servicing, brakes, suspension, clutches, shock absorbers, our technician will repair & replace as per manufacturers log book specifications and timing.





Other safety components of your vehicle are the condition of your wheels, alignment and balance.


Tyre wear & condition, valves & balance are all checked and reported on.


Shock absorbers & mounts, steering racks, tie-rod ends, boot seals are all items that are prone to wear & tear and should be checked periodically. 


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